Pradeep Mishra
  17th - 21st July,  2007


This exhibit is an extension of some of Pradeep's earlier works and concerns.

Fragranceofearth may be seen as a three-dimensional exploration of ideas that the artist has addressed in paintings made in the past.

The planted rose saplings in this installation represent the unflagging streak of resilience life forms share to endure all living conditions whether entirely hospitable or not. Life forms have always displayed the remarkable ability to adapt to any genetic alterations to survive and endure sans 'complaints' against the human race for the damage we have systematically wrecked on the planet. The rose is particularly significant to the artist for its strong association in our collective experiences to the expression of human relationships. The Rose petals have a presence that goes beyond their life span as they emanate a delicate fragrance even as life ebbs away. The flowers in full bloom represent a life that has matured and needs care and sustenance.

The red is significant of any life fluid whether immediately visible or not. The immediate association being with Blood as it circulates in our beings, spreading the warmth of life.

The white on the other hand is significant of the role of the 'silent carrier” (the peaceful body) of life. White acts alternatively as a shield and backdrop that has an all-encompassing presence, one that is quiet and does not scream for attention.

And the rich brown which recalls the life-nurturing earth represents the nourishment and warmth essential for growth. The black/brown of charcoal is significant to the artist for representing the birth-death-decay-regeneration cycle. As life ends, with death comes decay, as the organism decomposes it return to the earth that in turn reproduces to continue the cycle.

Fragranceofearth recalls the 'freshness' of life and our collective, shared joy in living. The Gallery space acts as an alternative platform to share this 'fragrance' which in turn represents a life-presence which is affirmative, energizing and inspiring one that in sharing gives us strength.

Pradeep Mishra will clean the space himself after the exhibition and nothing displayed would be thrown in the dustbin.
The decayed leaves will be returned to the place they came from.

After the show the rose plants will be given to anyone who wishes to take care of them or they will be taken back by the artist. They will not be sold.

Petals will be returned back to the soil.

Pradeep Mishra earned an M. F. A in painting from J.J. School of Art Bombay in 2004 and has been practicing since than. He had a solo in Palette Art Gallery Delhi in 2005 and has participated in selected group shows. This is Mishras first solo in Mumbai.


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