Zones of Convergence / Divergence

Online exhibition featuring:

Arshad Hakim
Mithra Kamalam
Puja Mondal
Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee
Umesh Singh

12 September to 31 October 2020

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Sabyasachi Battacharjee






still image 1: Far From Home, 2019-20, digital video, MP4, 02 min 03 sec, edition of 6 + AP.

   still image 2: Far From Home.          



still image 1: Homecoming, 2018-19, digital video, MP4, 02 min 03 sec, edition of 5 + AP.   still image 2: Homecoming.          



https://vimeo.com/456238345   https://vimeo.com/456338896          
still image: Survival Engine, 2019, digital video,
MP4, 20 sec loop, edition of 6 + AP.
  still image: Untitled, 2019, digital video,
MP4, 01 min 58 sec, edition of 6 + AP
About the Artworks              

Recent developments in my practice have brought me towards an attempt to understand the motion picture and take it to a discrete level where motion becomes static and every frame of a motion picture holds its own identity. In this context, the idea of temporality and permanence have often been key points of interest in my work.

The spatial mode of narratives enables the development of a visual format in the moving image form which allows the distribution of privileges equitably between time and space. The practice of character design is also an important part of building narratives using digital animation. The characters in my work are often created manipulating stock images, taking them apart and combining the parts to form new wholes that no longer fit into their original context. This reflects the processes that record, assemble or dissect identity, including documentation, categorization, surveillance; processes blurring by force, the thin line between the public and private, fact and fiction. These dichotomies have become a focal point in several works.

I frequently use my own body, or it’s image in my work, using it to act, perform actions, both as myself or as a medium for one of my fictitious characters. Using my own body as a base for building the visual aspects of my characters give me a certain space in my work, enabling me to explore identity in the context of the body, mimicking behaviour and the mediation of the camera. 

Additionally, ideas about the gaze of the lens in any audio-visual works like traditional films, music videos or even news reports as well as the manipulation that happens to create images of constructed reality often come through in my work. I often use scientific theories to frame arguments about socio-political and philosophical ideas. For instance, the laws of thermodynamics help me to articulate the idea of cacophony in a social context. More recently, I have been investigating food practices to look at the underlying layers regarding the various form of consumption patterns.


About the Artist              


Sabyasachi Bhattacharjee (b.1994) received his Bachelor's Degree in painting from Government College of Art & Craft, Agartala (2016), and MVA Painting from M. S. University of Baroda (2018). He was awarded the Nasreen Mohamedi Best Display Award in 2018 by his university. Bhattacharjee has been invited for several residencies that include ACExKBF Residency Exchange Program 2020 (upcoming) ACE Open, Adelaide; Pepper House Residency 2020, Kochi Biennale Foundation, Kochi (2020); and Khoj Peers 2019. He has participated in many workshops, including, Proposal Writing Workshop conducted by Sabih Ahmed, FICA Reading Room (2019); Video Workshop by Gigimon Scaria (2018); Intermedia Workshop by Ashish Dhola (2018);Body Workshop by Nikhil Chopra facilitated by HH Art Spaces and Asia Art Archive (2018). His recent exhibitions include ‘Manifesto For Artists In a Strong State’ curated by Lea Maria Wittich and Ariijit Bhattacharyya, Der Laden Trierer, Weimer, Germany (2020); Emabrk Vol II 2019 Gallery Ark, Vadodara, Gujarat (2019); Art Asia 2018  M.S University Booth, Kintex, Goyang, South Korea; ‘Random Variables’ curated By Ushmita Sahu, WNDX Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg, Canada (2018); ‘Where the mind is without fear’ curated By Vittoria Bonifatti and Navneed Raman, Jaipur Art Summit, Student Section (2017); ‘Later the Atelier Ate Her’ curated by Faiza Hasan, Students Biennale, Kochi Muziris Biennale (2016-17); Bhattacharjee lives and works in Baroda.






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