Heeral Trivedi
  Bed of Roses
  at  Jehangir Nicholson Art Gallery
  27th June to 6th July, 2006


Heeral Trivedi obtained Masters in Fine Art from the M.S. U , Baroda and has held 2 previous solo shows in Mumbai and has exhibited in New York, Vadodara and Delhi. She brings to us a new body of working celebrating womens lives and works.

"This body of works unfolds through different chapters of history.

Comprising of both, a set of  works on paper and those executed on canvases.

The larger works on canvas celebrates  self- reliance,  confidence, women’s lives, in drama and control and the sense of achievement. These are portraits of saints, queens, of the heroic and beautiful, crusaders, commoners and performers. They date back in time to a different era and place and yet, being universal in their experience, find a common story to tell…one that inspires again and again, yet another generation.

My preoccupation with women’s lives has continued with these works and here I acknowledge women in history, self-proclaimed and glorified through popular media, in my paintings I trace their relevance in today’s times and find sometimes, much in common with contemporary stories of women.

“Homes that we build…. and those we live in” is a set of 20”x 15” paper works done in mixed media. They are pictures painted in the structure of a house, which stand to reflect secret images build by the mind…those of gardens, and bridges, of the narcissist me or the slain lover in white. The manner of painting here bares reference to medieval paintings using lines which break the space and deep colours molding the figures in perspective.

Old images from painted, peeling walls, those of daily chores and everyday women’s lives interest me and often I attempt to recreate such a surface in my works.

1791- marks the year that 29 women painters were allowed to exhibit their works in the French Salon as professionals . The first painting that I completed in this series of works celebrates that event  and this show goes on to remind us of  all such victories that make up our glorious past."


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