Amitabh Kumar

  Diesel+Art in  association  with  The Guild

The Diesel Store, Western Wind Building, 
Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai

  3 August - 3 September, 2013


Diesel + Art in association with The Guild are pleased to present Talab, site specific installations and drawings by Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar is a designer/artist from New Delhi, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda and has worked as a part of the Sarai Media Lab (2006 -2010) where he researched and made comics, programmed events, designed books and co-curated an experimental art space. He is visiting faculty to the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and is an initiating member of the Delhi based comics ensemble, The Pao Collective. Amitabh Kumar curated City as Studio along with Magda Kardasz at Zacheta National Art Gallery, Poland, 2011 and co-curated and participated in Sarai City as Studio EXB series, 2010. Amitabh Kumar’s first solo exhibtion Message To Zero was recently held at The Guild, Mumbai,2013.His few selected shows include Glitch Frame Lollipop, Lattitude 28, New Delhi, 2012; On the Sidereal, residency and exhibition curated by Prayas Abhinav at The Guild, 2012; invited as a guest artist for the London- Delhi 2010 – 2012: Artist Lab (Watermans, London). 

Amitabh Kumar was invited along with his colleagues to do large scale murals for Kochi  Muziris Biennale, on the Aspinwall House, 2012; at various locations in Pune by Pune Biennale, 2012; a public mural for Khoj Das Tak, 2012; at Sua House by a private collector, 2013; designed and executed mural ‘Dilemma of the Techno hero’ for the Information Society Seminar in the Sarai-CSDS compound, 2006.

Can only prophet’s prophesize ?


A rather simple question was the flap of

the butterfly wings to the new secret cult

that had joined the cycle of cults who

would one day control the world.


The Prophesaur’s.


That evening was the induction of the

new Prophesaur of History.


Q. But how can history be prophesized?


A. The Prophesaur doesn’t just prophesize

about history, rather about how the

present will be interpreted as history. In

the future.


It was he who had prophesized that

ambition too had a que. You simply had to

get in it. The line was long, but it was the

only way to accurately predict when your

chance would come. Everyone would

get the chance to control the world for a

day. The Prophesaur knew that they were

two rows behind __________ and in front

of them was ______ with his pink sarong



They lived under the terrible weight

of this revelation and it made them see

people and patterns that other’s couldnt.


This would often lead to nerve chewing

moments of exceptional behnaviour,

where one of the prophesaurs was known

to have bitten the ear of a man, thrown a

fat cat out of the window and gatecrash

parties of the present controller dressed

as a blond chihuahua.


The prophesaur of history was admittedly

a little nervous that evening. He coughed

into the neuroscope and said,


“ As immaculate as we are, assembeled in this

great hall that lies beyond the clutches of time, it

is true that we have been compromised. Perhaps

our desperation was madly timed.”


“The operator has escaped.

There is no relayer, and so this message might

not be. This dialogue might not have happened

at all. We might just be out of time.

So if this blip were to become a mouth and this

mouth were to speak, how would we remember

it? What would be it’s clusters? What would be

it’s projectiles?

We face total annihilation.

Where would our pieces drop? What would

break out from our abstractions? What vision

will that be? What is the final prophecy?”


Talab is the final prophecy.

A prophecy to end all prophecies.


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