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T. V. Santhosh


Lockdown Thoughts


What if we failed to find a vaccine for this virus infection? The pessimist in me threw a question at the face of the uncertainties of the future. What will happen if the social distancing is the only the practical solution available to man and it becomes a compulsory practice that we as humanity have to follow it for many years to come, till we find a cure? It is easy to ask such questions. I simply made an attempt to re-imagine the future and the possible impact of this pandemic and its multiple cascading effects it may bring forth. Perhaps, things may look so much similar depicted as in those science fiction novels and movies, which we always used to overlook thinking that they are just a weird guy’s absurd imagination. Now onwards, those vacant railway stations, desolate factories and dimly lit empty and lonesome city streets would be part of our every day experiences. Human priorities will change and will be replaced with new ones. Economic and power equations will have new definitions. And we would be always living in the shadows of an invisible threat. There could be more people dying due to hunger than the virus infection. When you go through social medias and watch those simulation videos of how the virus spreads from various   surfaces to surface by unsuspecting, involuntary human touch and how long the virus can stay afloat in the air as droplets, a chill runs down your spine. But yes, I am sure we shall pass this too. This is just another war against a new invisible enemy, a different kind of war that we hadn’t experienced in our lifetime. And to take part in this war for people like us, the best way is to sit at home. On one side with a heavy heart you see the agony and pain of the migrant workers and on the other side you see brave and selflessly committed doctors, nurses and medical fraternity. On the one side you see factories and shops shut making people worry about their future more than ever before, while on the other side, you see the sky is getting clearer, elephants and other animals joyfully claiming back the land that once belonged to them. Even though scientists are yet to confirm whether it has anything to do with lockdown, the ozone layer is healing itself due to an unusually strong and long - lived polar vortex. Perhaps, the nature is in the process of adjusting itself to maintain its equilibrium. There is so much that we may be able to learn from this crisis. Whatever men were trying to achieve all these years suddenly seems almost meaningless. I am sure we will soon come out of this pandemic but the world as we know will not be the same. Our planet is possibly asking us to slow down. If a month’s lockdown is effective enough to reverse a hundred year’s damage catalyzed by the so-called progress, then wouldn’t it be possible for us to plan a breathing interlude for our planet? Possibly, a well-structured form of lockdown with all the precautions in place to deal with eventual human crisis can be made into a practice following a convenient time gap in future.
TV Santhosh

T. V. Santhosh creates compelling artworks that cite histories of violence, injustices, war, terrorism and the media propaganda. His art practice has stood as a strong commentary on current socio and political crisis of our lives. He draws images from a variety of sources such as television, printed mass-media and internet. Santhosh often incorporates the already well circulated references and recreates a newer contexts and meanings in his astounding artworks and brilliant compositions. His oeuvre surpasses the political and cultural boundaries and attains a universal stature.



















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