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Baiju Parthan


Lockdown Thoughts


An imposed isolation brought in by the lockdown was disconcerting to begin with, more so because I have no access to my studio which unfortunately is located in the red zone. As an artist, it goes without saying that I am accustomed to being holed up in the studio spending days and even weeks with very little social interaction. But that kind of isolation is by choice and a conscious device to focus on the work at hand as against something that is imposed through external factors.
But human nature being what it is, the discomfort of imposed isolation soon lost its sting and the lockdown became the new normal. In some ways, this forced inactivity and isolation has facilitated a deeper introspection much like being locked up in one of those meditation centers that use social isolation as a tool to disengage oneself from the world outside and focus the attention on to one’s subjective reality. It is a cathartic process that gradually reveals the accumulation of prejudices, memories, and the cycle of visceral responses all of which together shape one’s personality and the experience of reality.
In a way, the lockdown across the globe also seems to have provided a moment of collective introspection and brought to the surface social prejudices, notions of entitlement, and exploitative strategies that have been condoned and perpetuated for decades or even centuries.
Hopefully, once the virus settles in and turns non-lethal through our acquired immunity, we might gain a world that is less divisive and more inclusive, and conscious of the wellbeing of the planet and the lethal fallout from the loss of biodiversity. Probably this pandemic is the wakeup call we urgently needed.  - Baiju Parthan (July 2020)

Baiju Parthan is a Mumbai based inter-media artist, working simultaneously with traditional media as well as digital technology. He is one of the early exponents of new-media art and ‘mediatic-realism’ in the Indian contemporary art scene.
Baiju Parthan’s art presents the collision between various worldviews and the ontological fallout of those collisions. History is a compilation of tracks and debris left behind by such collisions for the artistParthan combines these fragments and references together to create paintings that reveal a multi-layered phenomenological landscape.
Parthan’s work in the digital realm consists of explorations of the boundary where the virtual and real overlap and bleed into each other. Through computer-generated virtual objects, interactive installations, large scale prints on metallic surfaces, as well as animated 3D lenticular prints, Parthan manages to present a critique on high technology and its impact on our experience of reality and life.

Presented here are four landmark creations by Baiju Parthan that have changed the course of how we perceive new-media art.
















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