Junctions 1 2 3
  photo and audio installation
  Navjot Altaf
  8th to 24th January, 2006


‘J U N C T I O N S 1 2 3’ is a photo and audio based installation about the three crossroads in Kondagaon, Bastar district, where boundaries and distinctions blur; for everyone who goes through is a commuter, irrespective of their backgrounds.  On three different Sundays, between 7.30 am and 1.00 pm, a video camera captures the roads filling up through the day. Early morning the commuters are mostly bicyclists and pedestrians, but slowly the streets are taken over by all kinds of light and heavy speeding transportation. People, cycle-riders, rickshaw pullers, motorcyclists, buses, tempos, trucks, jeeps, tractors all make their way towards their destination, visually over-layering each other. It brings in a diverse, vibrant atmosphere as they travel on the single road leading to Kondagaon at one level and the sense of big over-powering the small at another. Also, one experiences the magical sunrise and the chaotic sounds of the traffic simultaneously.

An accomplished painter and printmaker, Navjot shifted to the mode of sculpture centered multimedia installations in the early 90’s and has been engaged in photography and video art for some time now. The questions and issues of gender politics, discriminations, and communal disharmony, identity of minorities has held the attention of the artist throughout her career.

Born in Meerut in 1949, Navjot was trained in fine arts and applied arts at the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai and studied graphics at the Garhi Studios, New Delhi.

She has had number of solo exhibitions in India and New York and has participated in important national and international exhibitions including ‘Ways of Resisting 92 –02’ organized by SAHMAT, Rabindra Bhavan Gallery, New Delhi, ‘LimiNAI zoNes’, Apeejay Media Gallery, Delhi, ‘crossing generations: diVERGE’ NGMA, Bombay, ‘along the axis’ digital art from India and Pakistan, Apeejay Media Gallery, Delhi, RPG collection of Indian Contemporary Art, Germany, ‘Women Artists of India’; ’A Celebration of Independence,’ Mills college Art Gallery, Oakland and California, USA’ , Ist Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, Japan, ‘Century City: Art and Culture in the Modern Metropolis: Bombay/Mumbai’, Tate Modern, London.

‘A-ORTA- Projekt’ – Contemporary Indian Art, BBK Kunst forum, Dusseldorf and Stifung Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Duisburg, Germany, ‘Three Halves’ – Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, Hope University, Liverpool and Bolton Museum and galleries, Lancashire, UK, ‘Eigth Havana Biennale’, Cuba, ‘subTerrain’Indian Contemporary Art, House Of  World Culture, Berlin.  ‘ZOOM – ART IN CONTEMPORARY INDIA’, Edificia Sede da Caixo Garal de Deposits, Lisbon, ‘Passage to India’, Geneva, ‘Groundworks’ Carnegie Mellon University, (RMG) Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

Navjot has been invited to participate in the XVth Sydney Biennale, 2006 .

Has also presented papers in seminars and conferences on art discources in India and abroad.

Navjot lives and works in Mumbai and Kondagaon, Bastar.


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