S e m i n a r s  /  L e c t u r e s 


2013           Presented a paper, ‘Rewriting the landscape’, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea.

2013           Presented a paper, ‘Art  Ecology  Sustenance’: at  ‘Disappearance as work in progress: Approaches to ecological  romanticism’, Part of the Maldives pavilion in

                   Venice Biennale 2013, Khoj Studios terrace, New Delhi, India

2012           Presented a paper ‘Artist is not an isolated system’, Seattle Asian Art Museum and participated in Artists Roundtable Sites, Henry Art Gallery Auditorium: “New

                   Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia, and the World,” University of Washington, Seattle, USA

2012           Presented a paper ‘Looking at Art as Experience’, Arts Education Conference: Diversity and Justice National Gallery of Modern Art Bangalore, India

2011           Presented a paper, ‘Hence Undoing is Doing’ : Seminar ‘Yamuna- Elbe Contemporary Flows; Fluid Times’ Goethe Institute /Max Muller, New Delhi, India,

                   Hamburg, Germany

2011           ‘Guest Talk’ Navjot Altaf and Katherine Hacker, Anthropological Survey Of India, Sub Regional Centre, Jagdalpur. Bastar, India







2010           Presented a paper, ‘IN CONTEXT: Public Art.Ecology’

                   Project, Khoj International Artists Residency, New Delhi, India

2009           presented a paper ‘Lacuna in Testimony’, Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum, Florida, U.S.A

2009           presented a paper, Royal Ontario Museum, ‘Is Art For Art Sake’ Toronto, Canada.

2009           ‘Seminar in Lasserre’, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


                   Public Lecture in the Barbera Learning Centre, UBC, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

2008           Participated in a conference – 480C Public Art and Ecology, New Delhi, India.

2008           Presented a paper ‘Transit spaces in the public places’

                   Minneapolis Institute of Arts during the exhibition, ‘Public Places, Private Spaces: Contemporary Photography and Video Art’, curated by Gayatri Sinha

                   Minneapolis, U.S.A

2006           Lecture – ‘Video Installation and Space’ Kamla Raheja College of architecture, Mumbai, India.

2005           Presented a paper  ‘Cross Cultural Collaborative Art Endeavors and Experiments ‘at the conference – ‘Shifting Paradigm’ as part of the exhibition

                   ‘GROUNDWORKS’event, curated by Grant Kester ,Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, U.S.A

2004           Presented a paper  ‘Art - a Process of Change’  - Indian School of Business – Hydrabad, India.

                   Lecture ‘Towards Installation’ Fine Arts Department, Bhartiya Vidyapeeth, Pune, India.

2003           Presented a paper ‘Cross-cultural Art Collaborative Endeavors and Experiments’ at the conference ‘ The Artist and the Historian’, Department of Art History and

                   Aesthetics, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University of Baroda, India.  

2002           Presented a Slide Lecture ‘Understanding Cross - Cultural Art Collaboration Initiatives: Some Hows and Whys, Little Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai, India.

2002           Presented  a Slide Lecture ‘My Bastar Interventions’, University of Mumbai, Kalina, and Chitrakala Parishath Art Complex, Bangalore, India

2001           Presented a paper ‘Bombay Since the70’s’ in a Symposium -Bombay/Mumbai: City Politics and Visual Culture in the 90’s, as part of ‘Century City’ Events, Tate

                   Modern London, U.K.

2001           Invited to participate in a Slide Session ‘Where lies the Frame’ a part of a Symposium of Women artists and writers‘
                   Expression as Empowerment’ organised by Majlis, Max Mueller Bhawan, Mumbai. India.

2001           Slide Lecture,’ My Art Practice and Questions of Collaboration’, Hope University Liverpool. 

           University of Central Lancashire, Preston, U.K.

2000           Presented a paper ‘Culture of Difference: Right To Life’ at a Conference, ‘ Experiments in conceptual Curating: Imaging The

                   Future of Indian Art’, written in collaboration with Dr. Panikkar, Mohile Parikh Centre for the Visual Arts, Mumbai, India.

1999           presented a Paper ‘Discursive Invisibility’ at a Conference – ‘Indigenous Asia, Knowledge, technology and gender relations’, at

                   the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok.   

1998           Presented a paper ‘Working Towards Co-existence and Invigoration‘ at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Seminar during the First Asian Art Triennial, Japan.        

1997           Presented a paper: at the Symposium -‘Urban and Village Women Artists of India’, U.C. Berkeley Art Museum, U.S.A 

1994           Slide-Talk ‘Face to Face’, hosted by Jindal Art Foundation, Cymroza    

                   Art Gallery, Mumbai, India.                    


S e l e c t e d  R e s i d e n c i e s  /  A r t  i n  P u b l i c  S p a c e s :


2011           ‘Yamuna-Elbe Contemporary Flows, Fluid Times’ Max Muller, New Delhi, India, Hamburg, Germany.

2010           ‘IN CONTEXT: Public.Art. Ecology’, 2010 Project, Khoj International Artists Residency, New Delhi, India.           

2008           ‘48oC Public Art Ecology 2008 Project’, Khoj’ International Artists Residency, New Delhi, India. 

2008           The Guild Residency Programme, New York, U.S.A.

2006           ‘Khoj’ International Artists Residency, New Delhi, India.

2006           ‘VASL’ International Artists Workshop, Gadani, Pakistan.

2001           ‘Cyfuniad’ International Artists’ Workshop, Plas Caerdeon, Wales, U.K.

2001           ‘Cyfuniad’ Residency Programme at the Department of Fine Arts and Design. Hope University Liverpool, U.K

2001           ‘Rice Lane City Farm’ residency supported by Bluecoat Arts Centre, to work with the people from culturally diverse people, Liverpool, U.K.   

2001           ‘The Aesthetic Experience: An Experimental Workshop - Organised by ‘Artunderground’, Vadodra, Gujrat, India.

                  ‘National Artists Camp’ - Chitra Kala Parishath Art Complex, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

1998           ‘KHOJ’ International Artists Workshop, Modinagar, Delhi, India.

1993           Painting Workshop organized by Sanghis, Hyderabad, India.

1990           Workshop of Paintings organized by Goodrick & Genesis Art Gallery, Calcutta, India.

1988           Workshop of Paintings organized by Genesis Art Gallery, Calcutta, India.

1988/86       Workshop of Paintings organized by ‘XAL PRAXIS’, Goa, India.

1986           Workshop of Paintings organized by CMC, Calcutta, India.

1984           Graphic Workshop – J.J School of Arts organized by U.S.I.S and Prof. Lingran, U.S.A. and Mumbai, India.

1983           Graphic Workshop - organized by Urja Art Gallery, Baroda, India.        


O r g a n i z a t i o n a l   w o r k

1997/      Organized a seminar ‘Samvad 2’, Dialogue-Interactive Artisis  

2011       Association, Kondagaon, India.

        Organized a seminar ‘Samvad’, Dialogue-Interactive Artists  

              Association, Kondagaon, India.

              Founder member and trustee, Dialogue-Interactive Artists

              Association, Kondagaon, India.

        Organized a workshop ‘Reviewing The Self’ sponsored by            

          UNIFEM, Dialogue- Interactive Artists 

                  Association, Kondagaon, India

               Have been organizing community based projects ‘Nalpar’ and ‘Pilla Gudi’ along side 4 Adivasi artis

              (Rajkumar, Shantibai, Gessu and Dharmu) in Kondagaon, Bastar, India.

              Have been organizing art workshops for the students from local schools In Kondagaon, India.

              Organized/curated an exhibition ‘The Self ’, Sakshi Gallery Mumbai, India. 

1996       Organized ‘Art Discourse’, workshop with students from J J 

                  School Of Art Mumbai - Murud Janjira, India.

1995       Coordinated an exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Graphics and Sculptures for ‘SPARROW ’ – sound and  picture archives for

              research on women, Mumbai, India.

1994           Curated an exhibition jointly with Altaf – ‘Nasreen In Retrospect’, Jehangir Art Gallery and Chemould Gallery Mumbai, India.

                  Designed the book titled: ‘Nasreen in Retrospect’ with Bharati Kapadia, Edited by Altaf.

1986/88   Organised Painting Workshops jointly with Altaf, sponsored 
              by ‘XAL PRAXIS’(The XAL Human Growth centre), Goa, India.

1987      Organised an exhibition of Contemporary Indian Artists 

               for the ‘Convention on Communalism and the threat to 

               diversity’ organized by CPML, Kolkata, India.

1984        Curated an exhibition of women artists for ‘Expression’: Women’s Cultural Festival, Mumbai, India.

1972/73       Executed a Mural (170’ x 7’) jointly with Altaf, Mumbai, India.

1974/79       Worked with ‘PROYOM’ (Progressive Youth Movement), Mumbai, India.          

                    Organised exhibitions of Paintings, Prints at various colleges, university clubhouse, Matunga Labour camp and Cheetah camp,

                    Mumbai, India.     

                    Worked with Mobile Crèche as a co-coordinator, Mumbai, India.


F i l m s  o n  a r t i s t


Doordarshan Series titled: ‘Portrait’, 28 minutes
Film in the process by Ein Lall. 

S e l e c t e d  B i b l i o g r a p h y

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