G. R. Iranna's site specific installation titled 'Naavu' in Kannada roughly meaning 'We Together,' occupies a whole long wall arranged around the old rounded columns of the building structure. The installation consists of Padukas, wooden footwear, earlier generally worn by monks and people who might have wanted to live an austere spiritual life. 

The Padukas has sand adhering to them. Almost each of the Padukas has some sort of intervention on them. Some of them have been painted. Some motifs being Apple, Table, a simple adobe, Tabla (a musical instrument), flowers; some have other objects attached to them. Many of these objects are, ghunghroos, carpentary implements, some small devotional vessels, scissors small and big. ''
... the Padukas together  make a mass moving in a directional flow,  indicating a mass of people, a  movement that gathers strength as it goes along. It indirectly also indicates the great and diverse following that Gandhiji had and his emphasis on inclusiveness and working together.  I also wanted to bring in certain individuality to these Padukas, indirectly connecting them to the aspirations of people.'' - G. R. Iranna.

Seen as a whole itís like a mass that gathers momentum and accretes energy as it moves in a certain direction. This energy is palpable if the audience reflects on it and has some quiet moments with it. The pillars in the wall act as a break in this directional flow, creating a rupture, but then again the Padukas seem to gather strength on their onward movement.  

This installation is emblematic of resistance and rupture, of struggle, of coming together for a common cause, of the strength in unity within diversity, and the power of inclusiveness.  

G. R. Iranna has shown widely in institutional context. His mid carrier survey of works from 1995-2015 was presented at National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru ĎAnd the last shall be the first: G. R. Iranna, Works 1995-2015í curated by Ranjit  Hoskote and presented by The Guild in 2015.  

If visiting Venice Biennale, do visit the India Pavilion curated by Roobina Karode of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, titled 'Our Time for a Future Caring.'  

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